Working with / Importing (Football) CSV Packages into an SQL Database with the sportdb Gem(s) in Ruby


   I've written up / published a new from zero / scratch getting
started guide for importing football.csv packages [1]
into an SQL database. The example uses all English football leagues, clubs
and matches (from 1888-89 to today) [2]. The steps include:

- Step 0: Setup - Install the Sport.db Libraries
- Step 1: Download (or Clone) the CSV Package / Datasets
- Step 2: Add the Import / Build Script


require 'sportdb/import'

SportDb.connect( adapter:  'sqlite3',
                 database: './eng.db' )

## build database schema / tables

## turn on logging to console
ActiveRecord::Base.logger =

## note: requires a local copy of the football.csv england datasets
##          see
pack = './england' )

- Step 3: Kick off and Run

   That's it. Enjoy the beautiful game. Cheers. Prost.