[ANN] sportdb Update (v1.9.14) - Includes Quick Starter Datafiles; Zip Downloads 'n' Datasets etc


FYI: I've uploaded a new sportdb gem [1] update, that is, v1.9.14.

  What's the sportdb gem? The sportdb gem lets you load datasets in
plain text into your sports database (e.g. football.db, worldcup.db,
premierleague.db, etc.) and also includes schema & models for easy

What's news?

  The sportdb gem includes a new build system (as a new and easier
all-in-one option).

  To try it - use the new Datafile - a mini language a.k.a.
domain-specific language (DSL) - in Ruby, of course - that lets you
setup your database in minutes. For example, to setup a football.db
for the World Cup 2014 use:


  world 'openmundi/world.db', setup: 'countries'

  football 'openfootball/national-teams'
  football 'openfootball/world-cup', setup: '2014'

  That's it. Now run

  $ sportdb build

   The new build command will look for the ./Datafile script in your
working folder and

Step 1) Download all datasets as zip archives (from GitHub) to ./tmp
Step 2) Create all database tables
Step 3) Read/import all datasets from the zip archives in ./tmp (no
need to unpack)

That's it. Still early and rough. Some sample quick starter Datafile
templates[2] include:

  - worldcup - All World Cups 1930-2014
  - en - English Premier Leagues
  - en2014-15 - English Premier League 2014/15
  - cl2014-15 - (European) Champions League 2014/15


[1] github.com/sportdb
[2] github.com/openfootball/datafile