football.csv - sportdb-importers Gem Update - Read League & Match Datasets in Comma-Separated Values (CSV) Format into Any SQL Database


  I've updated the sportdb-importers [1] gem
that lets you read (import) league & match datasets
in comma-separated values (CSV) format into any SQL database.

   What's news?

   A new CSV flavor / schema lets you read in any or many leagues or
seasons per datafile,
   for example, week by week or year by year.

   From the footballcsv updates dataset:

Date,            League, Team 1,             FT,  Team 2
Wed Jun 10 2020, DE 3,   SpVgg Unterhaching, 1-3, Eintracht Braunschweig
Thu Jun 11 2020, AT 2,   FC Blau-Weiß Linz,  1-2, Austria Klagenfurt
Thu Jun 11 2020, ES 1,   Sevilla FC,         2-0, Real Betis

   Let's build an update.db from scratch:

require 'sportdb/importers'

SportDb.connect( adapter:  'sqlite3',
                 database: './updates.db' )
SportDb.create_all       ## build database schema (tables, indexes, etc.)

## note: requires a local copy of the football.csv updates datasets
##          see
SportDb.read_csv( './updates' )
# -or-    use a zip archive
SportDb.read_csv( './' )

That's it. Enjoy the beautiful game with ruby.

   Happy data wrangling. Cheers. Prost.


Q: What codes or names for league & cups can I use?

The importers ship with hundreds of zero-config preconfigured
code and names for leagues & cups.
See the /leagues [2] datasets for all builtin
national and international football club leagues & cups from around the world.

Or to query in ruby try:

require `sportdb/config`

LEAGUES = SportDb::Import.catalog.leagues

LEAGUES.find( 'ENG 1' )      #=> Premier League   › England
LEAGUES.find( 'EPL' )        #=> Premier League   › England
LEAGUES.find( 'ENG 2' )      #=> Championship     › England
LEAGUES.find( 'ENG CS' )     #=> Championship     › England
LEAGUES.find( 'ES' )         #=> Primera División › Spain
LEAUGES.find( 'ESP 1')       #=> Primera División › Spain