sportdb-import gem - New football.db Match Importer for CSV Packages (incl. England, Deutschland, and More)


  I've added a new (quick) importer for datafiles and packages
in the comma-separated values (csv) format to the sportdb library /
tool family [1].

  For example let's import all datafiles for all seasons (from 1888-89 to today)
for England [2]:

   require 'sportdb/import'

   SportDb.connect( adapter: 'sqlite3',
                    database: './eng.db' )

    ## build database schema / tables

    ## turn on logging to console
    ActiveRecord::Base.logger =

    pack = './england' )

Happy data wrangling with ruby. Cheers. Prost.



   Not sure if anyone tried out an import of any football datasets -
just for the record the latest update
now uses / requires a (shared) local copy of football clubs [1].
        SportDb::Import.config.clubs_dir = './clubs'
    to configure / set the directory holding the clubs datasets / text files.

     I've also updated the sample code ( that imports all season for
england's top leagues) in the readme [2].

   Enjoy the beautiful game. Happy programming and data wrangling with
ruby. Cheers. Prost.