Ruby Weekly News

Ruby Weekly News: 07/01/2002

A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
this week by Pat Eyler.




Ruby-GetText-Package-0.3.0 is out!
A native language implementation of gettext for Ruby. It
basically followsthe GNU gettext API, but is not a wrapper of
this system.

Ruby-GNOME 0.29 is out
A new release of the Ruby bindings for the GNOME 1.x

RDE0.9.6.1 released
RDE is an IDE for Ruby on windows this release featured
improvements in the editor (actually in, and bugfixes.


Andy Roonie meets Perl vs. Ruby… (I couldn’t resist)
An interesting discussion of OO in perl versus ruby. There was
also some discussion of Parrot, and a request for more
information about Cardinal (the Ruby on Parrot project).

Palm Distro
A discussion of ruby implementations on Palms (and Pocket PCs).
Getting there looks like it will be hard, but it seems there is
some interest.

Ruby on Mac OS X
It seems that Mac OSX Jaguar will ship with Ruby. There was
some discussion about a native GUI toolkit, getting e_ruby to
work (mod_ruby seems to), and other bits.

Ruby books – Which one for a true beginner?
A good discussion of which books would be good for a beginning
programmer to start with. It looks like there are several good
choices now. (And like more are on the way.)

Gvim interface to the ruby debugger?
There was some discussion about creating a ruby (mini)IDE in
gvim. Things ended inconclusively, but someone may go to work
on it.

documentation licenses (was: eruby SAFE question)
This was a recurrence of the discussion around the continuing
conflict over Juergen Katins usurption of the Pragmatic
Programmers excellent book. A proposal was made to boycott the
translation the Juergen produced until he works out an
agreement with Dave and Andy.