Ruby Weekly News

Ruby Weekly News: 11/18/2002

A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
this week by Holden Glova.




Hal Fulton has released an old tool he has kept quite for a
couple of years. rdep will take a Ruby source file and
recursively check its dependencies to see whether they can be
found. Get rdep([1]).

YAML.rb 0.47
"why the lucky stiff" has released a new version of YAML along
with a four release roadmap of what will be the major features
in the next few releases. YAML is an easy to read file format
that is much more terse compared to something like XML. Get

FXRuby 1.0.16
Lyle Johnson has released a new version of FXRuby. This is
mainly a bug-fix release, but you can view the changelog([3]).
You will want this version if you intend on using FreeRIDE([4])
when it is available. FXRuby is a set of Ruby bindings to the
FOX([5]) toolkit.

Radical 0.5
Idan Sofer has released a new version of Radical. Radical is a
Ruby based web application server providing templates, i8n,
logging, caching, database pooling, authentication, and
extensibility through writing handlers. Get Radical([6]).

ncurses-ruby 0.6
Tobias Peters has released a new version of his Ruby wrapper
around the FSFs C library “ncurses”. Get ncurses-ruby([7]).


New signs of life [Cardinal]
Partner in crime, Pat Eyler let me know that the Cardinal([8])
project has shown new life. The Cardinal project is attempting
to create a Ruby compiler for Parrot([9]). While the mailing
list has been very slow of late, interest seems to have picked
up in the last couple of days. the current thread of
conversation starts here([10]).

RubyConf 2002 FreeRIDE slides
The FreeRIDE team have made the slides they presented at
RubyConf 2002 available for all to see. View the slides

Matz has implemented an Enumerable#zip method in the
development version of Ruby. The method is designed to mix
together the sequences of arrays. It is still unclear what the
desired behaviour is when the sequences are not the same

Sydney RUG
If you are are located in the Sydney Australia area you may be
interested in meeting other Ruby enthusiasts. You can do so via
the Sydney RUG([12]).

RUG mailing lists
Pat Eyler has been kind enough to setup mailing lists for
several RUGS recently. If you want to get involved and these
RUGs are close to you, you can subscribe to the Sydney
RUG([13]) and the Portland RUG([14])

Ruby NEWS maintainers [wanted]
Akinori MUSHA is asking for maintainers for the Ruby
distributions doc/NEWS file. The role involves summarizing
ChangeLog entries from the users point of view and reading
through ruby-talk and ruby-core to figure out what was involved
with a change. This role will keep you on the bleeding edge of
the Ruby API. Any one interested should contact Akinori


  14. file://localhost/tmp/