Ruby Weekly News

Ruby Weekly News: 09/16/2002

A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
this week by Holden Glova.




RubyInline 1.0.4
Ryan Davis has released a version of RubyInline. This is a port
of Perl’s Inline::C. The Ruby version isn’t near as
feature-full as the perl version, but we are assured that it is
neat. Get RubyInline([1]).

RubyCocoa 0.3.0
FUJIMOTO Hisakuni has released a new version of RubyCocoa.
RubyCocoa is a Ruby library for using Cocoa Objects on Mac OS X
in Ruby scripts. Get RubyCocoa([2]).

RubyAEOSA 0.2.1
FUJIMOTO Hisakuni has released a new version of RubyAEOSA.
RubyAEOSA is Ruby extension libraries for using AppleEvent and
OSA Scripting Component (OSA = Open Scripting Architecture) on
MacOS X. Get RubyAEOSA([3]).

DbTalk 0.7
Dalibor Sramek has released a new version of DbTalk. DbTalk is
an interactive GUI based tool for database querying,
programming, and administration activities. Get DbTalk([4]).

Programming Ruby Norwegian Translation
The infamous pickaxe book has been translated to Norwegian by
the Norway RUG([5]). If anyone would like to help, they can do
so at the Wiki page([6]). The translation is available

Hal Fulton has reminded us that RubyConf 2002 is fast
approaching! The second annual Ruby Conference will be held on
Nov 1-3 in Seattle WA USA. Meet many great Ruby enthusiasts
there. Find out more([8]).

Multi-methods and overloading
A rather large thread was started this week discussing what
multi-methods are, and if they or method overloading should be
included in the future of Ruby. An interesting read.

Interesting Perl Journal move
Pat Eyler let us know that the Perl Journal has been reborn.
This time it will be an online only magazine with a $12/year
subscription rate. Apparently they will be broadening their
scope to other languages this time around. The idea was put
forward that possibly we could get Ruby articles published in
this journal on a regular basis. Jim Freeze further suggested
that perhaps we should start our own Ruby Developers Journal.

Open Source Licenses
Confused by all the many licenses available to you? Matt Gushee
provided a link that may help explain it. If you are interested
in understanding licenses more read about them here([9]).

50 000 ruby-talk messages
David Alan Black was quick to point out that Rich Kilmer made
the 50 000’th ruby-talk post while posting on the subject of
multi-dispatch and overloading methods. I look forward to
summarizing 50 000 more posts from this great community -
thanks to all.