Ruby Weekly News

Ruby Weekly News: 06/09/2002

A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
this week by Holden Glova.




Interactive Learning Environment/Ocelot
ILE is small but powerful environment for building interactive
learning environments, written by Brad Cox. It can be used for
any web application, particularly those that need interactive,
persistent form-based features. Its primary audience is
teachers who think that hauling the education to where students
work and live can be better than the other way around. ILE is
open source (free) software and can be downloaded here([1]).

PageTemplate 0.3.2
Brian Wisti has announced a new release of his PageTemplate
library. PageTemplate is used to create output based on
template pages. This project was inspired from Sam Tregar’s
HTML::Template Perl package. Get PageTemplate([2]).

Test::Mock 1.0
Nat Pryce has released a new version of his popular Ruby/Mock
framework which is compatible with Test::Unit. Test::Mock makes
the creation and use of mock objects very simple. Get
Test::Mock([3]) via CVS from the Ruby([4]) web site.

REXML 2.3.5 and 2.2.3
Sean Russel has announced two new versions of REXML. REXML is a
XML parser written in Ruby. Get REXML([5]).


REXML a validating parser?
Sean Russel asked who uses a validating parser? Who has needs
for DTD validation, XMLSchema validation or RelaxNG validation?
The general feeling in the Ruby community seems to be that
validating parsers aren’t such a big deal to have. The
suggestion was put forward that if REXML was to be a validating
parser that maybe it should allow for pluggable validators.