Ruby Weekly News

Ruby Weekly News: 06/09/2002

A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
this week by Holden Glova.




PageTemplate 0.3.2
Brian Wisti has announced a new release of his PageTemplate
library. PageTemplate is used to create output based on
template pages. This project was inspired from Sam Tregar’s
HTML::Template Perl package. Get PageTemplate([1]).

Test::Mock 1.0
Nat Pryce has released a new version of his popular Ruby/Mock
framework which is compatible with Test::Unit. Test::Mock makes
the creation and use of mock objects very simple. Get
Test::Mock([2]) via CVS from the Ruby([3]) web site.

REXML 2.3.5 and 2.2.3
Sean Russel has announced two new versions of REXML. REXML is a
XML parser written in Ruby. Get REXML([4]).


REXML a validating parser?
Sean Russel asked who uses a validating parser? Who has needs
for DTD validation, XMLSchema validation or RelaxNG validation?
The general feeling in the Ruby community seems to be that
validating parsers aren’t such a big deal to have. The
suggestion was put forward that if REXML was to be a validating
parser that maybe it should allow for pluggable validators.