[ANN] PageTemplate 1.0

Hi all,

<Insert witty Monty Python quote about how PageTemplate's not dead,
it's just resting>

I've suddenly been getting loads of feedback on PageTemplate. Relative
loads, that is. Well, it seems impressive for a self-education project
that hasn't seen a release in over two years. It's positive feedback,
too. There are folks out there who *like* my little pet project. I
don't know why they like it, but they like it. That's good enough for

Now there are more PT users than I can count on both hands. There might
even be more users than I could count if I took my shoes off and used
my toes to aid in the math. So that's at least 24 of you out there. I
feel it's my moral obligation to send a cleaned-up version of
PageTemplate to you, so that it actually works as advertised in Ruby
1.8.x. Might as well move it over to Rubyforge while I'm at it, too. I
feel safer clustered over here with the other 374 Ruby projects under
Tom Copeland's warmly paternal gaze.

For those of you who may not be in the 24+ PageTemplate users, or may
not even have been using Ruby when 0.3.2 was released two years ago,
PageTemplate is a simple Ruby library which allows you to use text
templates for your Web programming. It has the basic standard features
you would expect, including variable substitution, if/else blocks, and
looping constructs. It also has customizable markup (though not as easy
as I would like), and caching to disk for improved performance (though
nowhere near as fast as it could be, since this is a pure Ruby

For you others, my 11 fingers + 12 toes faithful, here's what's new in
PageTemplate 1.0:

  * Nothing

Well, no new features. It's been cleaned up so that 'make test' works
cleanly, without warnings or breakage. The documentation has been
updated to use rdoc formatting, which should make it friendlier to ri
(yay, a standard documentation tool!). It's been moved from Sourceforge
to Rubyforge, because that's where all the cool kids have been hanging
out. And that's all for changes. I've got some ideas, and some code to
steal to make these ideas work, but I thought it would be nice to call
the basically unchanged release 1.0, since 2 years without changes or
complaints basically counts as stable. Now I can start breaking things

Oh, right. Where to find it?

    * http://raa.ruby-lang.org/project/pagetemplate/
    * http://rubyforge.org/projects/pagetemplate/
    * http://coolnamehere.com/products/pagetemplate/

Look at it, poke around, and if you like it, let me know what else
you'd like to see. Oh, and if you're using it, let me know. I still
need some example URLs to send folks to, or at least a brief
description saying "XXX is using PageTemplate to manage MySQL logins on
his home system."

Kind Regards,

Brian Wisti

P.S. - I'm telling you, this is some *fine* coffee I'm drinking right now.