Ruby Weekly News

Ruby Weekly News: 01/07/2003

A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
this week by Pat Eyler.




Ruby Document Bundle
Gavin Sinclair has released a bundle of ruby documentation
goodness for us. It looks like a good package. Grab it, read
it, have fun.

XTemplate – XML Template Library
Takaaki Tateishi has released XTemplate, a small XML template
system which is similar to the Amrita.

Ruby/Qte 0.3
HIDAKA Takahiro has released Ruby/Qte a set of Ruby bindings
for Qt/Embedded and Qtopia library.

win32_popen 0.1
Park Heesob has released win32_popen, a popen2, popen3, popen4
implementation for Windows.

ratlast 0.3
Mark Probert has released a new version of ratlast, a forth in
ruby implementation.

Hiroshi NAKAMURA posted information about the continuing
development of an RAA.succ.

xml-configfile 0.2.0
Maik Schmidt announced a small library for using xml config
files from within ruby. His release includes a tutorial.
(Hooray for developers writing documentation!)

Martin DeMello announced his release of the title_case mthod
for Strings. It follows “Hodges’ Harbrace Handbook”. For
example: “the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy”.titlecase
yields “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”

Masao Mutoh released a new version of Ruby-GetText.
Ruby-GetText-Package-0.5.0 is a native language implementation
of gettext for Ruby. It basically follows the GNU gettext API,
but is not a wrapper of this system.


ruby-dev summary 19151-19226
Minero Aoki has posted the latest review of ruby development in

Ruby in Linux Gazette
Ruby made an appearance in the Linux Gazette (the second in a
series). It looks like we’re getting more press.

Ruby in The Perl Journal
Simon Cozens let us know that his article about “Why I Love
Ruby” has appeared in this months ‘The Perl Journal’.

Drafting a "The Year in Scripting Languages"
matz has asked for someone to step forward and write a short
article about the year in review from a Ruby perspective. A lot
of people pitched in and a wiki page is now in place at: .