[ruby-talk:444408] [ANN] wxRuby3 0.9.7 release

This release brings a refactored, worry-free installation procedure.

wxRuby3 is a cross-platform GUI library for Ruby, based on the mature wxWidgets GUI
toolkit for C++. It uses native widgets wherever possible, providing the correct look,
feel and behavior to GUI applications on Windows, OS X and Linux/GTK. wxRuby aims to
provide a comprehensive solution to developing professional-standard desktop
applications in Ruby.
wxRuby3 also provides extensive and complete reference documentation.

What's changed in this release:

- the build and installation procedure has been thoroughly refactored with a two-step installation
  for source gems (to comply with the intentions of the RubyGems maintainers) which provides automated,
  worry-free build and installation; see the updated documentation here:
  File: INSTALL — wxRuby3 API Documentation.
- some documentation improvements

If you are interested check this out:

Documentation: File: README — wxRuby3 API Documentation

Github: GitHub - mcorino/wxRuby3: Ruby Cross-Platform GUI extension

Rubygems: wxruby3 | RubyGems.org | your community gem host


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