[ruby-talk:444349] [ANN] wxRuby3 0.9.0 stable release

It took a little longer than I had hoped but here it is.
After almost a year of development the very first stable release of wxRuby3 has been

wxRuby3 is a cross-platform GUI library for Ruby, based on the mature wxWidgets GUI
toolkit for C++. It uses native widgets wherever possible, providing the correct look, feel
and behavior to GUI applications on Windows, OS X and Linux/GTK. wxRuby aims to
provide a comprehensive solution to developing professional-standard desktop
applications in Ruby.

This release includes

- the last stabilization improvements and error corrections;
- improved and extended documentation;
- additional functionality incl. full support for the RichTextCtrl library (see the new,
  extended, RichText sample).

Why a 0.9.0 version for the first stable release? Why not 1.0.0?
Although I am quite certain about it's stability I am equally certain there may be things
I overlooked or missed out on. Also I am convinced that, now that most wrinkles have
become clear and straightened out and I can take a breather from tracking them down,
I can improve and enhance the implementation if I take a little time.
Apart from that the available samples for a large part are still straight ports from the
'old' wxRuby(2) libraries and could use some TLC to make them more substantial and
more 'wxRuby3'.

So, what's next?
The coming time will be used working up to a 1.0.0 stable release with improvements
in the implementation which (hopefully) will give us performance and (even more)
stability enhancements and footprint reduction. Equally important will be improving
and extending the documentation , the available samples and regression tests.

If you are interested check this out:

Documentation: File: README — wxRuby3 API Documentation

Github: GitHub - mcorino/wxRuby3: Ruby Cross-Platform GUI extension

Rubygems: wxruby3 | RubyGems.org | your community gem host


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