Slightly OT: Re: [BOUNTY] Shopping cart

Lähettäjä: Sarah Tanembaum <>
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Kaspar Schiess wrote:
> Hello Sarah,
>>Is it because Ruby a) can't handle such application, b) not ready for
>>that type of apps because of performance and/or security, c) too hard
>>to implement(perhaps PHP is better for this type of apps), d) no one
>>is willing to share the scripts , e) or any that I can't think of.
> I somehow do get the feeling that you have been biased negativly towards
> Ruby by something that happend to you. Is it the lack of documentation
> in some parts ? Or the lack of support ?
> Ruby is in some ways more of a 'real language' than PHP, where support
> for a lot of common tasks is compiled in the language. Ruby must include
> these in the form of libraries, and that in turn implies some
> difficulties when installing, although projects like RPA and rubygems do
> facilitate that process enormously.
> More to the subject, I believe such an application does not exist
> because it is too easy to build your own version of it. Integrating a
> third party shopping cart with a Rails application is probably bound to
> be more difficult than just coding it up yourself. A shopping cart has
> many dependencies to the web application framework and thus it is not
> completely trivial to program a framework-less version of a shopping
> cart as the first post asks for.
> I would need to see a few (html) screenshots of such an application to
> completely understand what is asked for here.
> yours,
> kaspar
> hand manufactured code -
Just to rephrase it, since Web Application such as shopping cart has
many dependencies, Ruby is not ready for such application. Unlike PHP,
Ruby lack many dependencies to build a descent web/graphical
application. Is correct statement?


A web shopping cart is an application that depends on many things:
the backend (database, flatfiles, ...) the output format (XML,
HTML, Wiki, ...) and the messages it's supposed to respond to (i.e.
the method calls and return values). It's extremely hard to write
a generic shopping cart unless the user of the cart is willing to
take whatever dependencies the cart has (e.g. different database,
certain method calls to use it etc.)

If one knows the parameters, writing a shopping cart is simple in Ruby. The dependencies are those of the *application*, not the