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> More to the subject, I believe such an application does not exist
> because it is too easy to build your own version of it. Integrating a
> third party shopping cart with a Rails application is probably bound to
> be more difficult than just coding it up yourself. A shopping cart has
> many dependencies to the web application framework and thus it is not
> completely trivial to program a framework-less version of a shopping
> cart as the first post asks for.
> I would need to see a few (html) screenshots of such an application to
> completely understand what is asked for here.

Sounds familiar; A good example of right, or at least close, is Paypal's
own shopping cart system.

Strange shopping cart, that :slight_smile:

class Cart

def store id item amt qty
@storage[id] << {:id => id, :item => item, :amt => amt, :qty => qty}

def retrieve id
  @storage.find_all do | s | if s[:id] == id end


Then just use CGI/WEBrick/whatever to parse the GET (or however
you do it) to get the data for these requests and do authentication.



Here's a conversation in #IOWA about what I'd love to see (And would
happily shell out $100 for a working version of without even flinching.
I wonder how many other people out in Rubyland would do the same, to get
a small project like this off the ground.)

[12:21:02] swsch says ?I'm intrigued by the postings responding to
Aredridel's BOUNTY offer... all "known" people say that it's easy but
they won't do it .-)?
[12:23:01] Aredridel says ?Hehe.?
[12:23:08] Aredridel says ?That's the thing about shopping carts.?
[12:23:18] Aredridel says ?It requires this firm, say-no-by-default hand
to create a good one.?
[12:23:24] Aredridel says ?It's a surprisingly hard thing to make?
[12:23:40] swsch says ?lots of people said "no" already :-)?
[12:23:56] Aredridel says ?Hehe, yeah.?
[12:26:09] wyhaines says ?Yeah, the discussion IS interesting.?
[12:26:56] swsch says ?why wouldn't you use a database? to avoid
expensive hosting packages??
[12:28:13] Aredridel says ?That's the idea, yes.?
[12:28:16] Aredridel says ?Or moreso, to keep it simple.?
[12:28:27] Aredridel says ?I don't want a product entry screen, I don't
want a product database.?
[12:28:38] Aredridel says ?I'd be quite content to just put that in the
[12:28:57] Aredridel says ?Paypal or CCNow style: Their shopping cart
systems don't know about your product list at all.?
[12:29:21] Aredridel says ?You just refer a client's computer to their
cart with a token containing all the info.?
[12:29:28] Aredridel says ?So your site posts to theirs, that's all.?
[12:29:50] Aredridel says ?Tamperable? sure. I could place an order for
Fooitem for $0.01.?
[12:29:57] Aredridel says ?Problem? No.?
[12:30:00] Aredridel says ?I just don't ship it.?
[12:30:18] Aredridel says ?I call 'em up and say "Something's funny
about your order; that's not the right price."?
[12:31:58] Aredridel says ?And it works if nobody tampers. Big deal.?
[12:32:35] Aredridel says ?All e-commerce engines fall in three
categories: simple and works for small sites, complex but not having the
right features (works for nobody), or high-end, expensive, and works for
those who need it.?
[12:36:16] wyhaines says ?Aredridel, take a look at this:
[12:36:23] wyhaines says ?Then click on, say, Table Runners.?
[12:36:36] wyhaines says ?Is that the sort of "shopping cart" that you
[12:37:00] Aredridel says ?Close. Not quite.?
[12:37:10] Aredridel says ?That's paypal's cart system ? that's the
part I want.?
[12:37:15] Aredridel says ?The product lists I can just do in HTML?
[12:37:25] Aredridel says ?I'd love to (this is for Instiki,
[12:37:36] Aredridel says ?I'd love to hack instiki so I can just write
markup like so:?
[12:37:53] Aredridel says ?[[Product: Ruby Slippers; Price: $10]]?
[12:37:58] wyhaines says ?Yeah, it leverages paypal's cart. That's all
user controlled there, though. I don't have to touch it.?
[12:38:18] wyhaines says ?It runs via a web form, but is kind of like
what you describe.?
[12:38:18] Aredridel says ?And have that render as a form that has a
submit button, a quantity field, and two hidden fields: the item, and
the price.?
[12:39:10] Aredridel says ?And have it post to the cart handler, which
would show the cart (basically, the cart is a thin wrapper for a session
database), and then the checkout procedure takes their info, and then
links to the gateway of choice for checkout.?
[12:39:40] Aredridel says ?Basically, I don't want a catalog system at
all. -Just- the cart.?
[12:40:02] Aredridel says ?I want the link between the cart and catalog
to be very weak.?
[12:40:24] Aredridel says ?I want the post data to link one way. I want
the cart to look like the rest of the site only by templating, not by
any integration.?
[12:41:01] Aredridel says ?and if the cart could link back with a
"return to shopping" link that linked to the referer, so much the
[12:41:43] Aredridel says ?Basically, the only interface between the two
parts of the site would be HTTP. No shared database, no catalog on file,
nothing. The shopping cart just runs in a cgi-bin on some host, and
that's it.?
[12:41:56] wyhaines says ?That does sound pretty easy to do. If my wife
were a little farther along in her Ruby studies, I'd give it to her as
an assignment.?
[12:42:01] Aredridel grins.
[12:42:12] Aredridel says ?The hardest part is keeping the thing
featureless enough.?
[12:42:40] Aredridel says ?Basically, I want SPOT ? but not by having
everything generated from the same source, but by editing things
[12:43:42] Aredridel says ?... wyhaines, the napkinsbydesign site is
-fast-. Kudos.?
[12:43:42] swsch says ?see? another "no"!?
[12:44:11] Aredridel says ?Can I post this snippet of conversation in
response to that thread??