Ruby/Event Fix Released 0.4.1 for SCGI

(Zed A. Shaw) #1

Hello Everyone,

Just announcing a quick fix release 0.4.1 that mostly targets running Ruby On Rails with the Ruby/Event scgi_rails runner. This release should fix the following problems:

  * lighttpd 1.4.3 didn't work with the documented lighttpd.conf configuration. The documentation and examples are updated with a configuration that works and does not require the "empty dispatch.scgi trick". Do not use 1.4.x versions before 1.4.3 as these will frequently segfault on CTRL-C in -D mode.
  * It was really easy to take down the SCGI server by sending garbage to it's port. This was because I was using the wrong exception and didn't wrap certain key spots with begin/rescue blocks. This should be all fixed now and I've got some fuzzing techniques in my testing setup.
  * I tested it quickly under Apache 2.0.54 with mod_scgi 1.7 and it works fine. The configuration I did was really simple so anything more complex is all you.
  * There was some compilation warnings on certain platforms which are now all cleaned up.
  * One thing is that systems which use /dev/poll will have some warning issues by libevent which are bogus.

Feel free to pick up this version and test for me at

For the people who don't know what Ruby/Event is, it's a wrapper to Niels Provos libevent. It makes writing networking code easy. It has a small framework called Myriad which abstracts this further making it easier. It's fast. Read the docs and ask me for help if you want to implement a protocol.

Zed A. Shaw