Ruby/Event and Myriad 0.4 Released

(Zed A. Shaw) #1

Title says it all folks. This is a BETA release of 0.4 while I try to work on the more complete rough guide to using the libray. This release should turn everyone into a TCP/IP client/server master software developer and suddenly flood #ruby-lang with plenty of l33t hax0r IRC bots.

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This release includes:

* Ruby/Event -- A very complete and overly documented C extension of Niels Provos' libevent library.
* Myriad -- A small framework built on top of Ruby/Event that makes writing client/server TCP/IP stuff in Ruby a cake walk.
* SCGI client/server implementation -- A web framework agnostic implementation of both the client and server SCGI protocol, with examples.
* SCGI For Rails -- A complete Ruby On Rails SCGI runner that lets you easily run a your Rails applications with multiple processes. I'm using this at work and it's pretty damn solid, but not sure how file uploads and send_file will work.
* Tons of Examples -- Lots of examples, including a little One Room Chat client/server.
* Lots of documentation -- I went nuts with the documentation for both Ruby/Event and Myriad.

Please download and let me know what platforms it does/doesn't work on, and if you have any suggestions for improvement.

Zed A. Shaw