On Recent Ruby Weekly News (2002-09-02)

Many thanks for compiling RWN. I noticed:

No problems ... I learn so much from doing it that I feel well

: Ruby Weekly News: 09/22/2002

I think it should be 09/02/2002.

Yes, bad typing on my part ... Either that or the week of 9/22 is going to
be pretty boring -- rehashing stuff we've already talked about. :wink:

: A summary of activity on the ruby-talk mailing list, brought to you
: this week by Pat Eyler.
: =============

: ZenWeb 2.13.1 Released! (major bugfix!)
: ZenWeb 2.13.1 has been released!

: FreeRIDE
: FreeRIDE is an IDE being designed for the Ruby language.

Weren't they appeared in this list? The selection is interesting

I don't remember if the made it to the ruby-talk list or not. I've been
trying to catch some of the RAA announcements, as well as Ruby Group
meetings and what-not that don't make it to the list ... I think these
tidbits are just as important in the ruby world. Again, I'd put out the
call ... If there's an interesting announcement or mailing list thread,
and you think it deserves wider attention through RWN -- send me a quick
note with a description and an URL.

: ===================

: Getting list of classes in a module?
: Philip Mak asked about finding the classes defined in a module.
: Several responses ensued. Philip ended up with
: def classes_under(mod)
: mod.constants.select{|v| mod.const_get(v).type == Class}
: end

This is the first time I see a code snippet on this news.
Will you support to describe it? (I remember that this news has
an RDF background. Does the format support this?)

The format doesn't really support a good code listing/code description
format at this point. I'd recommend trying a couple of things
(assuming you're reading from the RubyGarden web site) -- 1) look up the
thread and see how the code is ecxplained there, or 2) post the question
to ruby-talk and see what people say. (Perhaps we'll even spark an
explanation with this email.)



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