[ANN] worldcup.db - Pre-Built SQLite Database (Incl. All World Cups: Uruguay 1930 to Brazil 2014)


  I've pre-built w/ the sportdb Ruby gem [1] worldcup.db - an SQLite
database - using the open public domain data sets [2] including all 20
world cups, that is, from Urugay 1930 to the upcoming Brazil 2014

  You'll find the release on GitHub [3] (~ 1 Meg).

Note: As always you can build yourself an up-to-date version using
rake e.g. issue

$ rake build DATA=history

  Use the models shipping w/ sportdb to use the data in Ruby. Example:

    w = Event.find_by_key!( 'world.1974' )

    assert_equal 16, w.teams.count
    assert_equal 38, w.games.count
    assert_equal 12, w.rounds.count

  Or as an alternative start up the builtin (HTTP JSON API) web service e.g.

$ sportdb serve

   Enjoy. Cheers.

PS: Upcoming Events => Int'l Open Sports Data Hackdays (Fr+Sa
May/23+24) - Join Us [4]

[1] rubygems.org/gems/sportdb
[2] github.com/openfootball/world-cup
[3] github.com/openfootball/build/releases
[4] opendata.ch/sports-hackdays