sportdb v2.0 - command line tool for reading text datasets (leagues, clubs, match schedules, etc.) in any SQL dababase (e.g. football.db, england.db, etc.)


  I've updated the sportdb command line tool / library [1] that lets
you read in (parse) datasets (e.g. leagues, clubs, match schedules,
  in plain text in your SQL database of choice (e.g. SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc.)

  What's news in 2.0?

  The setup and formats have been made easier, for example, all
datasets are now in plain text (e.g. no more yaml for configuration)
and the required setup manifest files have been replaced by automatic
(automagic) generation thanks to directory and file name conventions.
  The world.db with all the world's countries is now built-in (see the
fifa library [2]) and, thus, is no longer a required dependency on
startup (if you read football datasets). And much more.

  Anyways, to build yourself a copy for the English Premier League 2019/20
  season type:

  $ sportdb new eng2019-20

  That's all. This will read in the match schedule and much more from
the /england dataset e.g.

Matchday 12
[Fri Nov/8]
  Norwich City 0-2 FC Watford
[Sat Nov/9]
  FC Chelsea 2-0 Crystal Palace
  Leicester City 2-0 FC Arsenal
  FC Burnley 3-0 West Ham United
  Newcastle United 2-1 AFC Bournemouth
  FC Southampton 1-2 FC Everton
  Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 Sheffield United
[Sun Nov/10]
  FC Liverpool 3-1 Manchester City
  Manchester United 3-1 Brighton & Hove Albion
  Wolverhampton Wanderers 2-1 Aston Villa

  Happy data and text wrangling with ruby. Enjoy the beautiful game.
  Cheers. Prost.

See the football.db League Quick Starter Sample - Mauritius Premier League [3]
if you want to start from scratch (zero) with your very own league.

See the football.db datasets [4] if you want to read in ready-to-use /
ready-to-fork packages incl. the English Premier League, the German
Bundesliga, the Spanish Primera División and some more.