[ANN]: PageTemplate 1.2.0

Hi all,

I've released PageTemplate 1.2. PageTemplate is a Ruby package which
allows you to utilize text templates for your Web projects. It is
mainly intended for use in a
CGI environment, but has been designed to be useful in a broad range
of similar applications. Additional details can be found at the
PageTemplate home pages:

   * http://rubyforge.org/projects/pagetemplate/
   * http://coolnamehere.com/products/pagetemplate/

1.1.2 -> 1.2.0 Changes



    - Added: UnlessCommand (including '[%unless foo %]' syntax)
    - Added: Loop Metavariables __FIRST__, __LAST__, and __ODD__
    - Added: CommentCommand (including '[%-- blah --%]' syntax)
    - Added: IncludeCommands allow multiple include paths
    - Changed: VariableCommands access via 'obj.respond_to?'
               rather than 'obj.class.has_method?'
    - Changed: IncludeCommand returns a failure string when
               include fails, rather than raising an exception.
    - Fixed: Unhandled SecurityError when 'include' is called
             in a mod_ruby environment
    - Fixed: MANIFEST file being installed to rubylib directory

I hope folks like it!

Kind Regards,

Brian Wisti