[ANN]: PageTemplate 2.0

Hi all,

With the assistance of Greg Millam, we've released PageTemplate 2.0.
PageTemplate is a Ruby package which allows you to utilize text
templates for your Web projects. It is mainly intended for use in a
CGI environment, but has been designed to be useful in a broad range
of similar applications. Additional details can be found at the
PageTemplate home pages:

  * http://rubyforge.org/projects/pagetemplate/
  * http://coolnamehere.com/products/pagetemplate/

Changes? Plenty.
Major changes:
   Entire code refactored and rewritten.
   Parser now iterative
   Changed: Everything is encapsulated in the PageTemplate class
   Changed: If, IfElse, Unless, UnlessElse commands merged
   Changed: Loop, LoopElse merged
   Changed: else/end logic placed into Commands
   Fixed: Loop MetaVariables
   Added: ValueCommand supports 'preprocessors'. var variable :processor
   Added: 'case' command added: optional in PageTemplate/case.rb
   Fixed: false or nil variables previously caused PT to search up.
   Added: ability to have 'var.name.name2' variable access.
   Changed: Syntax::Glossary became SyntaxGlossary
   Changed: Syntax::Parser became just Parser
   Changed: Parser is now primarily a compiler instead of a template object.
   Changed: else/end logic placed into Commands instead of parser.
   Changed: Iterative process should be faster
   Removed: Use of a disk cache when 'use_cache' is true
   Added: Ability to compile files without setting PageTemplate's
current @commands to the result.