Ann: oni

ONI - Object Network Interface

ONI was a part of TomsLib, but i just moved it out to its own project,
having greatly improved on it. and, sorry, i mis-spoke earlier: ONI is
more akin to XML-RPC and SOAP than DRb and ROMP (although from the
programmers point of view, it works much like DRb). The primary
difference between XML-RPC/SOAP and ONI is that ONI uses YAML instead of
XML. this greatly simplifies things, since YAML already understands
common data types.

ONI is still alpha code, as yamlrb (yaml4r) seems to be having some
parser troubles. but in itself, appears pretty functional. however it
could still use some “robusting” features.

i’ll make the code available soon, after i get the yaml problem

p.s. the old code is still in TomsLib for the time being.