[Yaml-core] ONI 2


thanks for the response

yes yes PROXY. that's the ticket. i didn't realize that's what i'm
doing. and it acutally gives me an idea. i was looking at how ruby
creates objects and uses a proxy for mixins. wouldn't it be fantastic if
ruby supported networked-proxy objects interinsicly? think i'll suggest
it to matz.



On Sun, 2002-09-08 at 12:06, Ned Konz wrote:

On Sunday 08 September 2002 11:02 am, Tom Sawyer wrote:
> like i said, ONI's turned into a very strange beast, and i'm not
> sure yet what to make of it. have i achived anything new really? or
> is all this already done in variant ways?

Sounds like a typical proxy-based remote object system (minus
distributed garbage collection, of course). This kind of thing is
pretty standard in Smalltalk, where we have #doesNotUnderstand:
instead of methodMissing().

tom sawyer, aka transami

i was looking at the way mixins build into the object models with proxy
objects. (see diagram on pickaxe p.247) i have been working on ONI and
Ned Konz pointed out that i had essentially created a remote-network
proxy object (note: very much still a work in progess):

class Module
  public :undef_method   # don't like this but what else is there?

module ONI

  class Remote_Object
    attr_reader :peer, :oid
    def initialize(peer, oid)
      @peer = peer
      @oid = oid
      methods.each { |mid|
        if not ['inspect', 'instance_eval', 'instance_variables',
'__id__', 'id', 'new', 'methods', 'method_missing', 'oid', 'peer',
'to_yaml', 'undef_method', 'class', '__send__', 'send'].include?(mid)
    def method_missing(mid, *args)
      roargs = []
      args.each { |obj|
        if obj.is_a?(Remote_Object)
          roargs << obj
          oid = ONI::Peer.add(obj)
          roargs < 'call',
              'OID' => @oid,
              'MID' => mid,
              'ARG' => roargs
      # connect
      host, port = @peer.split(':')
      port = port.to_i
      session = TCPSocket.new(host, port)
      # write
      yreq = req.to_yaml
      yreq_size = yreq.size
      session.write([yreq_size].pack("N") + yreq)
      # read
      yam_size = session.read(4).unpack("N")[0]
      yam = session.read(yam_size)
      ro = YAML.load(yam)
      return ro

taking the two together it occured to me that it would be awesome if
Ruby supported such remote-proxy objects “out-of-the-box”.

matz, are you listening?