Idea: Ruby Object Persistence Service


Thanks, I’ll grab it later in the day.

I didn’t get a chance to look at ONI but the use of YAML in RPCs looks
interesting. I’d like to be able to have it communicate with a c++ app I’m
developing but I don’t think there are any C libs for YAML yet.

I’m using xmlrpc4r at the moment and it works very well for this purpose.




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hey martin,

yes i just heard from gabriel about that. i’ve been putting off fixing,
simply b/c i wanted to do a liitle work on them before letting them out
again, but since i once again mentioned them, i better just realease
what i have thus far.

i’ll have it fixed in a few hours and let you know. presently i need to
go get something to eat.


by the way, if you looked at ONI, i am pretty sure that available
version on my web site is quite “old”. i have a new version that is much
improved. (and as i said will be avavilable in a few hrs)

On Mon, 2002-09-02 at 19:22, Martin Stannard wrote:

Hi Tom,

I’ve tried to download DBize a over the last couple of days from and keep getting:

Not Found
The requested URL /files/ruby/tomslib/tomslib.tgz was not found on this

Apache/1.3.26 Server at Port 80

Is this the correct URL? (it’s the one on the RAA)



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admitedly i’ve only skim read this, but i’ll go over it again in a bit.

i know i’ve mentioned them before, so perhaps i’m missing something, but
besides the caching i believe i am actually doing a good bit of this
already, albiet far from complete (i’m dealing with other issues
presently), with ONI and DBize. ONI is similar to SOAP but uses straight
TCP/IP and YAML, while DBize is a mixin that automatically maps objects
to a database. they both need some work, and you note a few things that
may be nice addtions to them, but i am using both of these in my current
project and they are working well thus far.


tom sawyer, aka transami

tom sawyer, aka transami