Visual ruby

Rich Kilmer wrote:

They did do this well over a year ago…I don’t think ActiveRuby or
Visual Ruby is on their roadmap…or it was not earlier this year when I
talked to their CEO. They did not (yet) see Ruby as a viable market for
a (pay for) product.

This is still true. Or though I’ll say immediate roadmap. We will ceratinly look at doing a VisualRuby if the market seems to be there to justify it.
I’m a developer on our other Visual products ( Visual Perl, Python etc ).

Berger, Daniel wrote

I just noticed Komodo 2.0 beta - anyone know if it supports Ruby?

Only in that it has syntax highlighting for Ruby. I’ve hacked a version
of Debugger.rb that enables it to connect to Komodo’s GUI debugger
interface. I’m hoping to be able to demo this at rubyconf in November.