VanRuby Meetup Tonight & Canada on Rails Conference Announcement!

Hey Canadians,

Tonight is the second VanRuby presentation, to be held at Suite 330 - 1085
Homer St, Vancouver, BC.

The talk is going to be on SOAP4R and will be presented by Emil Marceta.

More information can be found online at:

Also, I would like to announce, on April 13th and 14th, the first Canadian
Ruby on Rails conference titled "Canada on Rails" will be taking place.
If you are interested in speaking for this event, airfare, hotel, and
possibly some spending money will be provided to speakers who are selected
to talk. Those who are core to Rails, such as David, Chad, etc. please
contact me at - to help me out and make sure I got you

This conference will be produced by the newly forming non-profit
organization called the Open Source Foundation (, which has
previously held events such as PHP West (featuring keynote by Rasmus
Lerdorf), and PHP and Open Source Security (featuring keynote by Bruce
Perens). Previous attendance has been anywhere from 150-200, and with the
massive success our first Rails meeting had at VanRuby (over 50 people
turned out), I imagine this to blow our previous record out of the water.

Warmest regards,