The Ruby Way: Second Edition (was Re: Obtaining Hal's "The R uby Way" in the UK)

#It would be a tough update, of course... 30% of the work would be
#(a) ripping out old stuff and (b) deciding what not to cover.
#That's assuming people don't want a 4,000 page book published
#in 2009 and weighing as much as a Volkswagen.

How about publishing by vol (consider first pub as vol I). Vol II should
cover 1.8.2 and above..


publishing by topic; eg, Ruby Way for the Web, or Ruby Way for the Network

of course if you have love and the time ie..

I agree it is difficult to carry bulky books. I prefer that big books should
be bind/package in sets or vol (each set not more than 300 pages). But it
gets more expensive i guess :frowning: I carry w me always the nutshell book
because it is light and easy...

thanks and kind regards -botp


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