Solving logic problems with Ruby

I have no idea how we got so OT here but I have to add I LOVE that series. I started with the one on Time and didn’t feel lost so with the exception of the last two I don’t think you have to worry about order.

Carl yeahI’mtheguywhocomplainsaboutbeingOT Parrish


From: Stefan Schmiedl
Date: 2002/06/05 Wed PM 06:41:53 EDT
To: (ruby-talk ML)
Subject: Re: Solving logic problems with Ruby

I am not sure how much it goes into logic. However, the book appears to be
fascinating and I just ordered it from Amazon. The reviewers also gave it
high marks.

You might also want to get the other six books …
sorry, should have told you earlier that there were
more of them.

The series is about the Incarnations of Immortality
(Death, War, Time, Fate, Nature, Satan, God) and a
fascinating read if you are into fantasy.