[ruby-talk:444385] [ANN] Graphs and Charts 0.1.1 (Custom Controls for Glimmer DSL for LibUI)

Graphs and Charts is a new library for Glimmer DSL for LibUI that aims at
providing Custom Controls for rendering graphs and charts. In version
0.1.1, it supports Line Graph in a new `line_graph` Custom Control for
rendering lines (1 or more) connecting points with different y-axis values
along a time-based x-axis.

GitHub : GitHub - AndyObtiva/glimmer-libui-cc-graphs_and_charts: Graphs and Charts (Custom Controls) for Glimmer DSL for LibUI

RubyGem : glimmer-libui-cc-graphs_and_charts | RubyGems.org | your community gem host

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