[ruby-talk:444103] [ANN] Glimmer DSL for LibUI 0.6.1 Released

Glimmer DSL for LibUI 0.6.1 has been released with support for table lazy
loading via `Enumerator` (or `Enumerator::Lazy`). As a result, the table
control can now handle millions of rows and renders instantly without
waiting for all data to be loaded given that it is loaded lazily as the
user scrolls through the table. That enables applications with a lot of
data to start instantly. A new example, Lazy Table, has been included to
demonstrate table lazy loading.

RubyGem: glimmer-dsl-libui | RubyGems.org | your community gem host

GitHub: GitHub - AndyObtiva/glimmer-dsl-libui: Glimmer DSL for LibUI (Prerequisite-Free Ruby Desktop Development GUI Library - The Quickest Way From Zero To GUI - No need to pre-install any prerequisites. Just install the gem and have platform-independent GUI that just works)

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Change Log:


- `examples/lazy_table.rb` (4 versions) table lazy loading with a million
rows via `Enumerator` or `Enumerator::Lazy` to enable instant app startup
- Support `table` `cell_rows` implicit data-binding to a collection of
models (only supported an array of arrays before in implicit data-binding)


- Upgrade to `libui` Ruby gem version 0.1.0.pre.0, which includes a newer C
libui alpha release (libui-ng Nov 13, 2022)
- Support table `cell_rows` `Enumerator` or `Enumerator::Lazy` value to do
lazy loading of data upon display of rows instead of immediate loading of
all table data, thus improving performance of table initial render for very
large datasets
- Fix issue with `table` `progress_bar_column` not getting updated
successfully on Windows if there were dual or triple columns before it.
- Fix issue with `table` `progress_bar_column` not getting updated
successfully on Windows if data-binding table to an array of models instead
of an array of arrays
- Fix issue with `table` `checkbox_column` checkbox editing not working in
Mac by including a new C libui-ng release
- Fix issue with `table` `checkbox_text_column` checkbox editing not
working in Mac or Windows by including a new C libui-ng release
- Update examples/basic_table_checkbox.rb to enable editing checkbox values
- Update examples/basic_table_checkbox_text.rb to enable editing
checkbox/text values
- [final] Optimize `table` scrolling performance when having many rows and
columns (prevent recalculation of `expanded_cell_rows` on every cell
evaluation). Resolve:

- [final] `refined_table` `pagination: false` option to disable pagination,
but keep filtering.
- [final] Fix issue with `Glimmer::LibUI::interpret_color` support for `[r,
g, b, a]` `Array`-based colors, returning `[r, g, b]` only without alpha
- [final] Fix issue "Cannot add rows to a table that started empty":

- [final] `window` `#open` method as alias to `#show`
- [final] `window` `#focused?` read-only property
- [final] Document `window` `on_focus_changed` listener
- [final] Update `examples/basic_child_window.rb` to demo
`on_focus_changed` and `focused?`
- [final] `open_folder` support
- [final] examples/control_gallery.rb now includes an "Open Folder" File
menu item