[ruby-talk:444093] [ANN] abstract_feature_branch 1.3.2

abstract_feature_branch is one of the simplest and most minimalistic
“Feature Flags” ruby gems out there. It enables you to get started very
quickly by simply leveraging YAML files without having to set up a data
store if you do not need it (albeit, you also have the option to use Redis
as a very fast in-memory data store).



Change Log:


- Ensure better performance, fetch Redis Overrides at app/server startup
time only by default while providing option to fetch live by setting
AbstractFeatureBranch.feature_store_live_fetching to true

- Do not automatically pre-init AbstractFeatureBranch.feature_store with
Redis.new if it was nil as that is a bad default.

- Fix issue with crashing when not including the connection_pool gem
manually if needed with a version of redis older than 5


Andy Maleh

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andymaleh
Blog: http://andymaleh.blogspot.com
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