Learning by Reversing - thinking about a post

Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking about writing a blog post for creating a native gem but rather than going forward (i.e., creating a gem), I am thinking of starting with an open source gem and looking at what it does and how.

I intend to use a simple single-file C gem [https://github.com/klaxit/fast-polylines\] as the base and I'm thinking of this as the rough outline. Open to get some inputs on whether you'd be interested in anything more on this?


__About the Gem itself_
# Background to the Gem
# Installing the Gem from Rubygems
# Unpacking the Gem so that we can study it
# Alternatively, grabbing the source from GitHub
# Building the Gem and Installing it Locally
# Running the Tests
# Running the Performance Comparison
# Making Changes

_Looking at Everything_
# How the interface works from Ruby <-> C
# What the C code looks like
# What the Ruby code looks like
# Looking at the Makefile
# Having a Makefile that also works on Windows
# How the specs are run and what they test
# Adding Performance Comparisons
__Finally (possibly)_
# How can we improve the gem/ make it more intuitive to use

I expect it to take a few weeks to put together, so don't expect it any time soon :slight_smile:

Best regards,