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Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2006 12:17 PM
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Subject: Ruby on Windows questions

Gotta port some software to Windows... :frowning: I'm a Windows newbie.

Using Ruby on Windows (XP)....

1. How do I find out the CPU % (or some sort of a load
indicator) of the machine?

Either use sys-cpu (on the RAA) or use your own custom script using a
combination of win32ole + wmi. See

2. How do I find out how much of a given ethernet connection
is being used? (i.e. if it's a gigabit connection and 1Mbps
are being used, I'd like to get back "1%".

Again, win32ole + wmi. I think you want

3. Starting programs into the background is done the same
way as on *nix, right?

No. See the 'start' command for launching background processes from the
shell. Use services for everything else.

4. How can I tell how much of a CPU a program is currently using?

Same as #1 above?

5. How do I start a Ruby program at boot (a service)?

Yes, a service would be best.

6. Can I use something like ruby2exe to package up my Ruby service?

I've never tried it but I don't see why not. There's no real need,
however, as you can install services on remote windows machines,
assuming you have permissions. See win32-service.

7. Does Windows use signals? How can I tell a program that
I've started to stop (i.e. on *nix, I'd do it via SIGTERM or SIGKILL).

Windows does events, not signals. Use Process.kill to stop a program.
Preferably the Process.kill defined in win32-process.

8. Any known issues with DRb and Windows?

On that topic I cannot say.



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