Ruby-dbi and oracle error - ORA-24374

From: Gavin Sinclair []

Interesting. What’s TORA?

Oh, sorry. “Tool for Oracle”. An opensource, *nix clone of TOAD. It’s not
quite as good as TOAD, but then it works on *nix and there’s just one guy
developing it.


Interestingly, changing the “?” to a fixed value fixes the parsing
error in ruby-dbi, although TORA still chokes.

Is this an oracle driver problem or a ruby-dbi problem?
And can it be
fixed (please)?

A workaround would be to add a tautological line to your
query. Like “and 1 < 2”.


That’ll work. That reminds me, this only happens if the placeholder is the
last thing in the sql statement.

Thanks Gavin.




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