Ruby and ClearCase

(Cameron, Gemma (UK)) #1

Hi Guys,

Has anyone used Ruby (or Rake) to interface with cleartool or Rational ClearCase? I googled the problem and found the following project at rubyforge which looks promising... or at least would be if there were any released files (or am I missing reference to a gem somewhere?)

What I'm wanting to do is to parse the output from cleartool after I've updated a snapshot in order to zip up the new files it's loaded (seeing as ClearCase insists on retaining the entire directory structure when you load folders - I'm used to svn...).

If not are there any suggestions as to how I could go about this or should I just use ruby as a means to sending commands to the shell (system "cleartool -mkview...") followed by somesort of STDIN/OUT? I'm on Windows NT4 and ClearCase 3.2 by the way...

Thanks in advance!



Gemma Cameron


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