Ruby 3x3 - Ruby 3 Will Be 3 Times Faster - What’s News? Updates on Method JIT, Guilds, ...

(Gerald Bauer) #1


   I've updated the Ruby 3x3 articles (and slides) collection [1] @ Planet Ruby.

   What's News? Thanks to the RubyElixirConf Tawain new slide decks include:

  o The State of / All About Guilds - A New Concurrency Model for Ruby
3 by Koichi Sasada, Cookpad

  o Method JIT (Just-In-Time) Compiler for MRI (Matz's Ruby
Interpreter) - Optimizations in Ruby 2.6 Preview 1, 2 by Takashi
Kokubun, Treasure Data.

   Anything missing? Additions welcome. Cheers. Prost.