Real World Scalability and Ruby - Top 20

The story I heard second hand was "in-house developed C application server
backed by sh1tloads of Java"


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I missed Amazon on the list I just sent, it should read J2EE there too as
was mentioned:

"Amazon, for example, uses a lot of J2EE. " Tim Smith.


Jose Hurtado

Joseph wrote:


As Tim Bray suggested I've made my best to drop the guesses on the
list, and show only information I know is either true or reported by
some credible source. When no information is there, I just left a
question mark.

I have also updated the list with the information Chad Perrin, Charles
Nutter and Tim Bray added to it. This is the list so far, again open
for improvement:

1 Yahoo FreeBSD
   PERL, PHP, Proprietary
"Also Python and Common Lisp" Chad Perrin

2 MSN Windows Server 2000/2003, Some FreeBSD
"I believe they're still using some FreeBSD systems at Hotmail, and
all of Windows is behind free unix firewalls through a proxy service."
Chad Perrin

3 Google. Linux based or unknown servers
   Python, C, Proprietary, Java

4 Linux based unknown.

5. Linux based unknown and Windows 2003.

6. MySpace Windows 2003 / 2000 some Linux unknowns too.
"Migrating to BlueDragon.NET, which uses .NET as the back end for
ColdFusion... currently... on a ColdFusion 5 back-end" Chad Perrin

7. FreeBSD, Solaris 8, Linux based unknowns,

8. Yahoo Japan Like Yahoo at 1.

9. China FreeBSD and some Linux based unknowns,

10 Windows 2003, Linux unknown servers

11 Windows 2000/2003
PERL, Proprietary, Java J2EEE

"eBay is running a crapload of Java... they used to be a solid ASP
(pre-.NET) but switched to Java because the ASP stuff scaled
horribly...the site has Sun/Java's probably safe to
assume Java's involved. " Charles Nutter

12. China Linux unknown servers

13. Linux unknown servers

14. Yahoo China Like 1

15. Microsoft Windows 2003 / 2000, some FreeBSD at Hotmail, and UNIX
based firewalls., ASP

16. Wikipedia Apache, very little FreeBSD
        Mostly PHP, some minor PERL, Python and some Java for the
English search.

"a grand total of one FreeBSD server... The servers are primarily
running on Fedora Core 3-5...The MediaWiki software is all PHP. MySQL's classic LAMP platform." Chad Perrin

"but Wikimedia do use Lucene [Apache Java based text search engine]
for at least the english search" A. S. Bradbury

17. FreeBSD, Linux unknown servers, Solaris 8, Netware
     PERL, Proprietary, more?

18. Linux unknown server
    "ASP.NET" Tim Bray

19. Blogger FreeBSD, Linux unknown servers

20. Google UK Like Google

Bye again,

Jose Hurtado
Web Developer
Toronto, Canada


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. . . plus Perl/Mason. Lots of it.


On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 11:43:28AM +0900, Peter Booth wrote:

The story I heard second hand was "in-house developed C application server
backed by sh1tloads of Java"

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is what you give the audience." - Larry Wall