[RCR proposal] "Map" mixin analogously to "Enumerable"

gabriele renzi <surrender_it@remove-yahoo.it> writes:

[Map mixin]

see the existing RCR, #277 IIRC.


Whoops. So it's a duplicate, sorry.

Maybe I should add your code (if you
allow me to do it),

Sure, go right ahead if you want.

but I'm out of time ATM :confused:
Anyway, I guess a C patch to current ruby would have more chance to be
accepted :slight_smile:

That's right, and it's a reason why an integration of this into the
Ruby core might be preferable. Maybe one could even use parts of
Hash's implementation?

Oh, and I definitely agree with you a Map mixin would be great :slight_smile:

I'll vote for your RCR then. :slight_smile: