[Q] Web Testing in Ruby

Lähettäjä: Dick Davies <rasputnik@hellooperator.net>
Aihe: Re: [Q] Web Testing in Ruby

* stevetuckner <stevetuckner@usfamily.net> [0124 21:24]:
> Laurent Julliard wrote:
> I am currently working on one (when time permits). My idea is to use a
> template of the web page under test to allow the checking of values both
> in a form and just within plain HTML. It parses the HTML so that can
> check for identical structure (though not identical white space). It
> also can handle differences in the number sub-elements (like multiple
> rows in a table). After parsing and comparing with the template, it
> returns a nested hash/array structure to allow the checking of values.
> Parts not done include the modifiying of form values and their resubmission.

did you find webunit? it's designed to allow unit testing of webapps, but
i'm not sure if it's maintained (and the docs were a bit scanty).

Might give you some ideas though?

Also I have a vague recollection of something coming out of rails that let
you test the frontend, but istr it worked by having the View generate xhtml
and parsing that....

Don't want to sound like a fanboy, but www.narf-lib.org has a
fairly good web testing framework based on test/unit.