More Web-Testing

People who do web testing may be interested in the small (and
unsupported) package I attatched.

The tool is built around the idea of having config files that specify
url and form fields and then to have the Runner go through them and for

* Loads the config.
* Fetches the screen that it takes from the url_base and url_path.
  This is parsed and must be valid and tree structured html.
* Checks that the title from the response is the same as the title
  in the start_template source.
* Checks that the config field names (start_form) match with the
  field names in the response.
* Takes the values from config (start_form) and inserts them into
  the form fields of the same name.
* There may be multiple values for a start_form, and if it's a
  "text" input field, the numbers must match (form + config).
* The form is then submitted.
* Checks that the title from the reponse is the same as the title in
  the end_template source.
* Checks that the fields that are given in end_form are included in
  the response.
* Checks that the fields that are given in end_form_check have the
  same value as the same fields in the response.
* Checks the whole response for a string that matches text_check.
* If "recheck" is given, checks the given page that all input fields
  contain the data that is in the config. This is to check that the
  post stored the data correctly and reproduces it on the next edit.

It’s all explained in the attatched html in more detail.

This is geared towards template based web systems. But may also be used
if you just give it the html file as the “template”.

This is for information only. Enjoy and use if you can, but I won’t
change or release it anytime soon.


WebTest.tgz (9.76 KB)