i wonder how difficult it would be to create a perl to ruby conversion
tool? i notice that there is a ruby2perl something-or-another out on the
web, but it is in japanese so i have no idea what it’s all about.

would a project like this be worth the effort? for such a tool i would
imagine needing cgi and dbi support in addition to the core language.




tom sawyer, aka transami

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An automatic perl->ruby conversion would not output clear or idiomatic Ruby.
In any case, it’s so easy to do (until you get into non-standard modules, of
course, but that’s even harder for a program), that you might as well do it
yourself, improving the code as you go.

That’s my experience, anyway, which unfortunately does not comprise large

The comment about requiring CGI and DBI support is interesting. I actually
think that a conversion program in domain would be valuable, because you’d
spare yourself a lot of coding and would be able to clean up the generated code
fairly easily.

A really good document on how to convert would probably be a better investment,



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