Perl Exegesis 5 (good ideas for Ruby to consider?)

Or perhaps “Parse::RecDescent - not just a module and good idea, it’s part of
the language!”.

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From: Dan Sugalski on 08/23/2002 11:37 AM

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Subject: Re: Perl Exegesis 5 (good ideas for Ruby to consider?)

At 3:19 AM +0900 8/24/02, Phil Tomson wrote:

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Mike Wilson wrote:

You can find the Perl Exegesis 5 here:
Exegesis 5

Anyone else get more and more glad that Ruby exists every time they see a
new Perl Exegesis?


Actually, there are some pretty cool things in this particular exegesis.
Check it out. I just skimmed it, but it seems like they’re making regex’s
more object oriented for one. Also, they’re adding the ability to define
grammars (looks like a new grammar keyword has been added) with rules and
patterns. This will be a great language for parsing other languages.

The executive summary of A5/E5 is “Perl 5 regexes with yacc and lex rolled in”.


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