Norwegian translation of "Programming Ruby" in progress

I would also like to announce that Lithuanian translation is also under
way, and you can watch the progress at
So far we have translated only about 3-5% of it, but we started only
a week go and there are only 3 translators that are their job in a
spare time. We hope this will make Ruby more popular in Lithuania
(currently we have about 5 programmers or so, programming in
Ruby, but Lithuania is a small country).
Surely any feedback is welcome.

Petras Kudaras
aka moxliukas

PS. I’m sorry if this is a repost, there was a problem with an email
server and I’m sure if the email has reached it’s destination.


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Subject: Norwegian translation of “Programming Ruby” in progress.

I’d just like to tell you all that the Norway Ruby User Group has got
started on the translation of
“Programming Ruby” to Norwegian.