Newbie: installing rails on standalone pc

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#*Well*, that's not exactly true. Note that the rails.tar.gz contains
#the complete dependecies, i.e. Active* etc. The rails gem
#only includes
#the helper scripts and depends othe the other libraries.

yep, i gem one at a time :slight_smile: If there's an update on active record eg, i just update that gem.

#If they didn't want you to use it, they wouldn't publish them.
#For you, I just hope the rails howto doesn't tell to jump out of the
#window. :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe? lol :-)) I'm just trying to make it a habit to use gem (or any ruby pckgr for that matter) for ruby's interest (think advocacy). The more we use rubygem, the more we can support it.

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ps: do not worry, i download the gz/zips too :slight_smile:


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