Need Install configuration help


I am trying to define an install of ruby in an envirionment
where the site dir may not be existant at the time of install.
(The sitedir is managed through a separate method than the install.)

For example, here is an ‘ideal’ setup:

cd ruby-1.x.x
./configure --prefix=<set_by_sysadmin> --with-sitedir=/dev/null
make && make install

But, that does not work. The make install complains with
`mkdir’: File exists - “/dev/null” (Errno::EEXIST)

So, another solution might be:

cd ruby-1.x.x
./configure --prefix=<set_by_sysadmin> --with-sitedir= --dont-install-sitedir
make & make install

Does such a solution exist? I don/'t particularly mind installing to
a bogus path but I would need a way to permanently modify $: for
the installed ruby application. Is there a way to do this after
it is compiled?



Jim Freeze
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