Mkdir -p

> I see that FileUtils already has mkdir. Is it possible to
include an
> option like -p for FileUtils.mkdir, like :recurse => true
or :parents
> => true perhaps?

I think different operations should be mapped on different
methods. That is the reason why both of #mkdir and #mkdir_p
exist. I used UNIX command name analogy, but FileUtils is
not a UNIX command
(mkdir(1) does not have --noop option).

ah, Thank you Minero. My question is no big deal really. I just thought it
would make things simpler/easier for you if you concentrate only on mkdir
and remove mkdir_p. But I was wrong.

I find fileutils very helpful and powerful. Keep up the great work.

In addition, Perl has two separate functions, mkdir and mkpath.

Ah, makepath -that is a good name also to remember.

Minero Aoki

kind regards -botp


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