Kittyverse Gem / Library Update - Incl. All CryptoKitties Traits (e.g. Fur, Eye Shape, Pattern, ...) and All Fancy / Exclusive / Special Editions Cats with (Time Windows, Limits, Recipes and More)


  I've updated the kittyverse gem / library [1] that includes all
CryptoKitties traits
(e.g. fur, eye shape, pattern, ...) and all fancy / exclusive /
special editions cats
with time windows, limits, recipes and much more.

   For example, to lookup the latest and greatest fancy cat - use:

    cat = Fancy[ 'DJ Meowlody' ]
    # -or-
    cat = Fancy[ :djmeowlody ]
    #=> "DJ Meowlody"
    #=> :djmeowlody,
    #=> false
    fancy.breedable?( )
    #=> true
    fancy.unlocked?( )
    #=> true
    # ...

    and so on and so forth. Happy data wrangling with ruby. Cheers. Prost.

PS: For a list of all fancy (cartoon) cats see the auto-generated
Fancy / Exclusive / Special Edition Cats - Timeline page [2]. Any
corrections and updates welcome.