Job Posting for Ruby Backend Developer in Mountain View, CA

=== Position ===
Spokeo, Inc ( is looking to hire a talented,
driven, and performance-minded engineer to do backend development work
in Ruby. If interested, please contact and/or call (650)
988-9007. Position is available immediately. We are looking to hire!
Compensation is market rate salary with stock options befitting early
stage startup.

=== Company Background ===
Spokeo, Inc ( is a beta-stage startup working on a
portal to aggregate information across all social networks and personal
media sites. Spokeo, Inc was founded in 2006 by 3 Stanford graduate
students and has secured medium term financing. Our engineering team is
lean, coordinated, and highly proficient. We are looking for another
indepentent developer to join our 6 man company. Our offices are
located next to 101 in the city of Mountain View, CA.

=== Technology ===
Our application is built on the RoR framework. The backend is a mix of
RoR and pure Ruby. We work with the latest development, deployment, and
production technologies for RoR.

=== Job Description ===
We are looking for an experienced Ruby backend programmer to work on all
levels of content aggregation: content retriveal (HTTP), content
analysis (stream and tree parsing), and database storage. Work will
involve feature implementation, stability upgrades, and

- Necessary Skills
BS or MS in Computer Science.
Ability to work independently.
Ability to architect new subsystems and re-architect existing subsystems
as the need arises.
Thorough knowledge of Ruby and Object-Oriented Programming.
Thorough knowledge of MySQL.
Thorough knowledge of distributed computing.
Understanding of test-driven development.
Ability to work in a Linux environment.

- Beneficial Skills
Knowledge of distributed Ruby (DRb).
Knowledge of HTML protocol and any Ruby HTML libraries (Net/Http,
Open-URI, Curl)
Knowledge of RSS/Atom and any Ruby RSS/Atom libraries (FeedTools, Simple
RSS, Syndication...)
Knowledge of Ruby parsing libraries (Hpricot, HTMLTokenizer, REXML...)
*Note that we only use some of these libraries, but we look for any
working knowledge in this area.


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