International Workshop on interpreted languages

(Daniel Berger) #1

Hi all,

I came across this and thought I would mention it if anyone was
interested in submitting a paper.

The 1st International Workshop on Interpreted Languages has asked for
Talk proposals. There is already one talk on Python.

From the page :

  * Submission of Papers: April 23, 2004
  * Notification: May 28, 2004
  * Final Version Due: June 25, 2004
  * Workshop: Between September 27-30



(Josef 'Jupp' SCHUGT) #2


So the workshop takes place at Nilokeras at the shore of Oceanus
Borealis? :->

Don’t you think an announcement like that should come with
information about the location the workshop will take place at?

For those who don’t know where Nilokeras and Oceanus Borealis can be
found: It’s in Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘Blue Mars’ :slight_smile:

Josef ‘Jupp’ SCHUGT


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